Aluminium Foil (Printed) – Packaging material standard test procedure

Aluminium Foil Testing Procedure :

Aluminium foil is a thin rolled sheet of pure or alloyed aluminium varying in thickness. Aluminium foil combined with other material such as plastic film can be used to package a host of drugs products. Aluminium foil can be printed embossed or etched. Foil for blister packing should be tempered hard. Aluminium foil coated on inner side with heat sealable lacquer. Aluminium foils are printed on matt finish side by gravure printing process. There are supplied in roll foam with proper labeling. A certificate of analysis is accompanied with each supply.

  • Description:
    • Acceptance Criteria: ____________ coloured printed hard tempered, unannealed aluminium foil on _________ colour background.
  • Text matter: Compare text matter of sample with approved artwork.
    • Acceptance criteria: Text matter should be as per approved artwork
  • Colour : Check the colour of sample with approved shade card. The colour shade should match with approved shade card.
    • Acceptance criteria: Shade should be as per approved shade card.
  • Pinhole test: Place 1 meter piece of Aluminium foil in front of light source & observe, there should not be any hole.
    • Acceptance criteria: Should be absent when checked with normal naked eye.
  • Ink lifting test: Check the width of aluminium foil and cut the cello tape such as (measured width of aluminium foil + 5cm). Now stick cello tape on the printed area of aluminum foil, after that isolate BOPP tape from aluminum foil by forcefully. Observe in front of light source.
    • Acceptance criteria: Printed matter should not get remove with cello tape.
  • Width: Measure width with calibrated measuring scale.
    • Acceptance criteria: _______ ± 2 mm
  • Thickness : Measure Thickness with calibrated micrometer.
    • Acceptance criteria: ________  ± 0.002 mm
  • Grammage : Cut the sample in 5 cm x 5 cm piece or suitable measured scale, weigh it and calculate the Grammage with following formula,       

                      Weight of 5 cm x 5 cm piece in gm

Grammage = ————————————————– x 10000

                                Total area of piece in cm2

  • Acceptance criteria: Not less than 65 gsm