Shrink– Packaging material standard test procedure

Shrink Testing Procedure :

Shrink wrap is a plastic film, usually polyethylene, polypropylene, or polyvinyl chloride, which is wrapped loosely about another product or container and then made to shrink tightly with a brief application of heat. PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a high density film that shrinks at low temperature ranges. The most commonly used shrink sleeve material, PVC is the easiest film to control in the shrink process. It has excellent shrinkage rates, clarity, print quality, and a wide range of both shrink temperatures and shrink ratios. PVC also has high impact strength for extra weather resistance.

  • Description:
    • Acceptance Criteria: Plain/ Printed PVC shrink wrap.
  • Text matter: Compare text matter of sample with approved artwork.
    • Acceptance criteria: Text matter should be as per approved artwork
  • Dimension : Measure dimensions with calibrated measuring scale.
    • Acceptance criteria:
    • Tolerance for Length : _______ ± 5 mm
    • Tolerance for Breadth : _______ ± 5 mm
  • No. of carton/jars wrapped : Note down the numbers of cartons/jars wrapped in shrinks
    • Acceptance criteria: As per specifications.