Cleaning and Operation of Incubators-SOP

SOP for incubator | Incubator Cleaning Procedure |

  • SOP for incubator covers below points :
    • Incubator Cleaning Procedure
    • Incubator Operation Procedure
    • Temperature Monitoring Record of Incubators format
    • Cleaning Record of Incubator format
  • To describe procedure for Cleaning and Operation of Incubators.
2.0 SCOPE :
  • This procedure is applicable to Incubators.
  • Microbiologist and Lab assistant under supervision of microbiologist
  • Head of Department
5.1 Cleaning :
  • Switch “OFF” the main power supply of the incubator.
  • Disconnect the plug of the equipment.
  • Remove all the plates and keep under LAF at the time of cleaning.
  • Take out the trays from the incubator and place it in a safe place.
  • Clean the trays by mopping with 70% v/v IPA.
  • Clean the internal surface and outer surface by mopping with 70% v/v IPA with clean cloth.
  • Clean one incubator at a time and maintain the record in format of “Cleaning Record of Incubator”
  • Put back all the plates in incubator after completion of cleaning.
  • Frequency: Twice in month
5.2 Operation:
  • Ensure that the incubator is properly connected to the main power supply.
  • Switch “ON” the main power supply.
  • Set the desired temperature as described in setting parameter, if required.
  • Open the main door and lead of incubator, keep media containing tubes and plates for incubation.
  • Close the lead and door properly after completion of work.
  • Monitor the temperature twice in day.
  • Maintain Incubator Usage log book.
5.3 Setting of temperature:
  • Expo-Hi Tech incubator
    • Press the SET key the display flash the SP code.
    • Set temperature by UP and DOWN key as per temperature range requirement.
    • Exit from setting by again press SET key.
  • CEW / PSI incubator
    • Press the SET key  display show SP1.
    • Set temperature by UP and DOWN key.
    • Press SET key to exit from setting and save the set temperature.
    • In case of if Temperature shoot up, above the range follow the procedure as mentioned below.
    • Press the UP and DOWN key at a time for 3 second.
    • Display show Tune (NO/YES) it changes from NO to YES by UP key.
    • Again press SET key to start Tuning, it takes more than 3 hours.
    • During Tuning process the controller calibrates itself by increase or decrease the Temperature during tuning process.
    • Do not press any KEY of controller during Tuning.
  • Setting parameter of all incubators should be performed by using User Manual of Controller for precaution,  after permission of the HEAD, if required only.
  • Record the temperature of incubators daily (Twice in a day), in format of “Temperature Monitoring Record of Incubators”
  • If the incubator set temperature goes out of limit then first check the inside temperature of incubator by inserting calibrated temperature thermometer, then check the temperature shown on temperature thermometer.
  • If temperature thermometer shows the same as temperature controller shows then intimate to QC Head / Designee, Engineering Head/ Designee and Q.A. Head/ Designee, take the necessary action.
  • Document the incidence for the same and transfer the material present in incubator to another stand by incubator.
AbbreviationExpanded form
°CDegree Celsius
LAFLaminar Air Flow

Annex. No.Title
01Temperature Monitoring Record of Incubators
02Cleaning Record of Incubator

  • Users Manuals of Incubator



Annex. No. 01 Temperature Monitoring Record of Incubators 

Annex. No. 02 Cleaning Record of Incubator