Poly laminated foil (printed) – Packaging material standard test procedure

Poly laminated foil Testing Procedure

  • Description:
    • Acceptance Criteria: ____________ coloured printed soft tempered, unannealed poly aluminium foil on _________ colour background
  • Text matter: Compare text matter of sample with approved artwork.
    • Acceptance criteria: Text matter should be as per approved artwork
  • Colour : Check the colour of sample with approved shade card. The colour shade should match with approved shade card.
    • Acceptance criteria: Shade should be as per approved shade card.
  • Pinhole test: Place 1 meter piece of Aluminium foil in front of light source & observe, there should not be any hole.
    • Acceptance criteria: Should be absent when checked with normal naked eye.
  • Ink lifting test: Check the width of sample and cut the cello tape such as (measured width of aluminium foil + 5 cm). Now stick cello tape on the printed area of aluminum foil, after that isolate BOPP tape from aluminum foil by forcefully. Observe in front of light source.
    • Acceptance criteria: Printed matter should not get remove with cello tape.
  • Width: Measure width with calibrated measuring scale.
    • Acceptance criteria: _______ ± 2 mm
  • Thickness : Measure Thickness with calibrated micrometer.
    • Acceptance criteria: ________  ± 0.002 mm
  • Grammage : Cut the sample in 5 cm x 5 cm piece or suitable measured scale, weigh it and calculate the Grammage with following formula,       

                      Weight of 5 cm x 5 cm piece in gm

Grammage = ————————————————– x 10000

                                Total area of piece in cm2

  • Acceptance criteria: Not less than 100 gsm